About NTNU

    National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) is a vibrant learning community that has long been recognized as one of Taiwan’s elite institutions of higher education. Founded in 1946, NTNU was formerly an institute for teachers’ education, as suggested in the title Normal, that later emerged as a comprehensive university. Established on the credo that education is the root of our nation, NTNU has dedicated itself to achieve distinctive scholarship and the development of many influential educators and researchers. Bearing tradition and innovation as the hallmarks, today, NTNU encompasses three campuses, Heping campus (main campus), Gong-Guan campus, and Lin-kou campus, and consists of 10 colleges that include 32 departments and 22 graduate institutes, offering a wide variety of courses and degrees ranging from the arts and humanities, education, sociology, business management, athletics, to the sciences. As NTNU seeks to nurture bright minds and transmit knowledge with the highest level of distinction, the university with its main campus located in the cultural hub of Taipei City attracts thousands of devoted scholars and talented students to enroll every year. The arts and entertainment that NTNU has to offer to the city’s cultural community makes college experience all the more attractive. NTNU not only bears an active academic climate but also embraces cultural diversity, of which NTNU is internationally known for its distinguished language program, the Mandarin Training Center, that draws more than a thousand students from over 60 countries each year to undertake Chinese Mandarin studies.

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::: 162, Heping East Road Section 1, Taipei, Taiwan │ Main Campus : +886-2-7734-1111 Gong-Guan Campus : +886-2-7734-6666 Lin-Kou Campus : +886-2-7714-8888│
Emergency Hotlines : +886-2-7734-3123