APP競賽活動    6月即將啟動

The center will be hosting an APP mobile application software contest. All students are welcomed to form teams and participate in the contest. Participating teams will have a size of 1-3 people and participants will be divided into IT application group and Innovative Application group based on the participant’s background. There will be an introductory seminar scheduled in June and related information will be announced on the ITC website.

250元畢業生微軟光碟  免180天重新認證

應屆畢業生於畢業後透過VPN每180天認證一次,即可在個人所擁有的電腦持續使用Windows 7作業系統及Office 2010。另台灣微軟公司提供250元購買授權光碟,以利直接使用,無需定期經由網路認證,經銷商訂購網址
Students who have graduated can continue to use Windows 7 and Office 2010 on their personal computers by validating through VPN every 180 days. Taiwan Microsoft Co. has provided a 250 dollars licensed disc to allow graduates to use Windows 7 and Office 2010 without validating every 180 days.

統計軟體研習    開辦SAS工作坊

SAS statistical software application and data analysis workshop will be held from June 27th to June 29th. Please refer to the website ( for more information on signing up. Everyone is welcomed to sign up and participate.

無線網路基地台  提供短期借用服務

Due to the increase in demand for wireless network for department activities and course teaching, wireless network hubs are now available for short term loan through online application and returning the hubs on time will be greatly appreciated.

防範惡意電子郵件  遵守「三不」可保安

The ministry of education will be performing a drill “2012 malicious email prevention drill”. During the drill, malicious emails with contents to counterfeit public affairs, personal titles or company titles will be sent to people participating in the drill. Please form a habit of following the “Three Do not” rule, “Do not open unknown emails”, “Do not click on the links of unknown emails” and “Do not download or open attachments in unknown emails”.

個資掃瞄平台服務  請各單位多加利用

The ministry of education has provided a platform to scan personal information in websites. This is to reduce the risk of accidental posting of private personal information on various websites. All department units are encouraged to make full use of the service.

資訊安全稽核服務  提昇行政資安防護

本中心以建置ISO 27001資訊安全管理系統的經驗,深入了解各單位潛在的資安危機,加強資安防護及同仁的資安素養,歡迎各單位提出資訊安全稽核服務的申請。<詳全文>
ITC utilizes the experience in setting up the ISO 27001 information security management system to fully understand the potential information security dangers in every department. It is important to enhance the information security and improve the staff’s awareness towards information security. Every department is welcomed to apply for information security audit service.

在職專班暨EMBA教務資訊系統  全新風貌上線

「在職專班暨EMBA 教務資訊系統」更新版上線,不僅提供師生開課相關網路電腦化作業,且完成學生選課系統,開放在職專班與EMBA 同學網路加退選及選課查詢等功能,透過系統整體架構的整合,大幅提昇效能及便利性。<詳全文>
The new version of the “In-service program and EMBA teaching information system” is now officially online. It provides students and staffs with class-related online assignments and assists in-service program and EMBA students in course-related tasks such as course selection and course enquiry. The new system structure will greatly improve the efficiency and convenience.

電腦研習最避暑   資訊課程強強滾

101年度「暑期教職員資訊應用研習」於7月份起每週一陸續開設Namo Editor2006實務班、自由軟體應用班、Office Excel 2010實務班等課程,歡迎教職員踴躍參加。
2012 information application seminar for staffs will commence every Monday in July. There will be practice classes for Namo Editor 2006, classes for Free Software and Office Excel 2010. All staffs are welcomed to participate.

稅收又來了  算清楚了沒

The annual tax declaration is here and precise enquiry of taxes is available. Select the “General Treasurer System” option on the School Administration website to check the income details.